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What we Love: Panaderia Artesanal

A quick trip to a local thrift store was conveniently detoured at first glance inside Panaderia Artesanal, a Latin bakery off of Capital Boulevard just north of Buffalo Road.

A large selection of baked goods included some familiar–churros, doughnuts and cinnamon buns, and some more exotic–cream filled, cakey buns, creamy gelatin sandwiched between pastry and savory pies filled with spinach, were surprisingly affordable.  We paid only about $1 per item, then noticed fresh tortillas cranking out for $2 a pack.  Spanish majors, dig deep–you’ll get plenty of practice here.  This local bakery is what we love in local business–our neighbors, doing what they love and providing the community with an affordable, quality product.  Visit them next time you’re on Capital in Raleigh.




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2018 Internship Fair at NC State Poole College of Management

teddslist partners with the North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management, 2018

With thanks to

The Pool College student panel and

The American Red Cross, Anderson Painting, Belmonte Auto Imports, Carmen Ritz State Farm, Clyde Coopers BBQ, Lithios, Merchant Sales Company, HireSceneMosquito Authority, i2m LLCMy Hot Lunchbox, Size StreamSoutheast Montessori Collective, Southern National Motorsports Park, Venture Back Office, WaveTherm


Talented internship candidates are still seeking placement.

Contact us to learn more.

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