Does your locally-owned independent NC business sell products made or sold by you and/or your business? Do you have mech that supports and promotes your locally-owned independent business? Do you want more people to see them so they might could support your business over a national chain, franchise or Big Box Corporation?

Currently is offering locally-owned independent businesses to list their products or brand merch FOR FREE in the Locals Only Store!

Just fill out the form below and we'll verify that your business is a locally-owned independent North Carolina business and we'll verify that you are selling products your business makes ( *** No Nikes or other corporate made products that your sell, they have to be Jon's Shoe, made by Jon ***) or if you don't sell any products but sell merchandise to help support / promote / market / brand your business that cool so let's do it!

Once vetted and verified we'll list your product(s) in the Locals Only Store with images, description ( all taken from your product page) and link to your product page for customers to buy.

At this time we WILL NOT be taking orders but simply sending interested customers to your website directly for them to buy directly from you and your store! We are NOT processing any orders but just promoting products that can be purchased online!

It's super easy and super free (for now 😉 ) so give it a try!

Showing all 7 results

Showing all 7 results