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 SHOP + SEARCH + SHARE nearly 5,000 locally-owned, independent North Carolina businesses in our online community marketplace today! 

Our Mission is…

To help empower locally-owned independent businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, to be successful pursuing their passions of providing products, services, and solutions that people need, want and love by helping them to make sales, be seen and supported through our online community marketplace accomplished by providing website, digital and social media services combined with internet and mobile technology platforms that ultimately lead to growing businesses, new jobs, local economic growth and strengthening the fabric of our communities.

  Email: crew@teddslist.com




  We love local business & provide free online services for them 


 We love helping consumers find and support local businesses 


Our Goal Is To: Positively impact, grow and strengthen our communities and economies at local levels by way of making it simple to search, support, and share  locally-owned independent business owners with our teddslist.com community supported online marketplace exclusively with locally-owned independent businesses with a website who can provide the products, services, solutions and savings  local consumers and businesses need, want, and love raving about. LOCALS ONLY!

teddslist.com is an entrepreneur based internet and mobile technology start-up founded in 2008 with headquarters at Hub Raleigh in downtown Raleigh, NC. teddslist.com is focused on locally-owned, independent business owners and entrepreneurs and their online success. 

Run by  passionate, local internet & social entrepreneurs, teddslist.com successfully empowers entrepreneurs to succeed in pursuing their passions of providing products and services  people need, want, and love by using internet, mobile technologies and current infrastructures!

teddslist.com HQ in downtown Raleigh NC @ Hub Raleigh in 2012

PO Box 10493 Raleigh NC 27605

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 teddslist HQ Downtown Raleigh NC

hub reception area

hub coworking area

Hub Conference Room

hub click cafe       

hub click cafe bar

hub raleigh members

By giving a FREE ad listing locally-owned businesses websites’ in our online marketplace  they can be simply shopped, serached and shared by direct site linking,  social media, online advertising, event sponsorships and even store front and car decals.

One easy great way to help support other locals and us is to display on your site the Locals Only logo that links back to teddslist.com!

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Simply download and post on your site linking to us! Now, it doesn’t have to be on the front page but…that’s the best place for people to see it, if you know what we’re saying 😉


We look forward to helping our local Triangle community continue to grow into a stronger business and jobs creating economy.

Please let us know how we can better provide our services.

 Locals Only!                       – the teddslist.com crew

with teddslist it ‘s free for local businesses to be listed, free for consumers to use it, so freely share it with everyone!